You have many responsibilities in your workplace. Adding more legal requirements can be a daunting task, and can expose you to liability or a EEOC complaint.

What constitutes a discrimination?




What actions do you takes an employer? Manager? Employee? against a charge of discrimination.

Does someone from HR handle?

How do you know if they are understanding the law correctly? Is it authoritative?  

Where do you draw the line?

 A legal professional with the knowledge of the area of law is the first step. We have provided our business clients with accessible training in the workplace.  Our approach is simple: Legal Easy.  Confusion arises when things are interpreted or understood incorrectly. Straightforward and accessible information is the key to compliance with any legal requirement. This allows the follow through in the day-to-day operations of the workplace to run smoothly.  We believe that a comprehensive and well managed process is the cornerstone for effective and consistent outcomes.  When managers and employees are on the same page, each knows what is expected and required of them. With our process, we leave little room for guessing.

Let us help your business comport with the laws and have a peace of mind that you have done the best thing for your business.

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Finding the right path through the rules and regulations of EEOC compliance can be an intimidating process. Our office can help your business cut through the confusion. We provide high quality training in Title VII and EEOC and compliance. 


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